About Us

We build the enduring brands people believe in.

All institutions, even those that have profoundly disrupted their industry, must prepare for an inevitably shifting future today. The most successful brands realize this. These brands have the best experiences, products, processes, and services because they each have one thing in common: an ecosystem designed for endurance.

The Atlantic is no exception. We have had to reinvent ourselves again and again without losing sight of the mission that has grounded us from the start. Now, we are challenging the conventional thinking of publishers, media conglomerates, consultancies, and traditional agencies by defining a new category: the brand evolution firm.

Born of The Atlantic’s reinvention from magazine to media vanguard, Atlantic 57 helps brands adapt to ever-changing market forces, technology, and human behaviors. We set brands apart from the competition today and guide them to continuously evolve for tomorrow. Together with our clients, we design not just for disruption, but for endurance.

Our DNA is rooted in rich perspective forged over time:

  • We address the needs of both the external audience and the organization. We foster and support a healthy interdependence between both of these aspects, striking a balance that guides brands toward sustainable evolution.
  • We are a business in evolution. We’ve continued to thoughtfully evolve our own business for 163 years and counting, and we apply successes to our clients in real time.
  • We embrace endurance over zeitgeist. In an environment encumbered by fads, we shine a light on the fundamental. This foresight allows us to look beyond the moment of disruption to also design for endurance.
  • We challenge assumptions. We apply The Atlantic's commitment to seeing, thinking and acting differently to our work with clients.
  • We tap into deeper human needs. We investigate the deeper cultural, economic, and behavioral forces influencing the needs and motivations of your audiences, influencing your business in the short-and long-term.

Our Capabilities

Research to uncover the human truths and forces of change impacting you, your audiences, and our world.

Strategy to keep your business responsive to emerging trends and markets.

Design that makes a powerful impression and inspires long-term connection.

Development to build platforms that endure and engage.

Editorial that takes a journalistic approach to create lasting conversations.

Change Management that expands the horizons of what your team can achieve.