About Us

We help make organizations essential to their audiences.

We are nearly 50 editors, strategists, designers, researchers, and engineers. Together, we apply our insights and expertise to pilot, build, and go big with the ideas and issues our clients can own. Our work is rooted in a deep understanding of audience habits, motivations, and passions.

Created out of The Atlantic’s reinvention from magazine to media pioneer, we help organizations adapt to changing realities—without losing sight of the mission they’ve had from the start. We know how to create consensus, adapt to industry trends, and break down complex goals into tangible strategies for success.

Modeled after a modern media company, we bring all of the skills required to reach and inspire users wherever they are found. Our team advances your business goals by finding the intersection between the ambitions of your organization and the needs of your audience.

We obsess over the ways information spreads and ideas take hold. We power our work with our own insights and best practices, drawn from The Atlantic’s newsroom, our daily client collaborations, and our ongoing exploration of media’s new frontiers. We invite you to learn and obsess along with us.

Our Services

Audience Research

Uncovering the needs, interests, and values of target audiences

Strategic Planning

Helping content-focused organizations build sustainable business models

Brand Strategy

Finding the right expressions to tell a brand’s story

Content and Distribution Strategy

Creating stories, channels, and digital products to achieve business goals

Editorial Platforms and Tools

Building digital products to solve business challenges and advance ideas

Campaign Planning and Execution

Bringing a big idea to market across platforms

Newsroom Structure and Workflow

Optimizing operations, technology, and tools, based on newsroom best practices

Trainings and Workshops

Teaching the skills for communications and editorial success

Our Heritage

In 1857, the founders of The Atlantic set out to create a magazine committed to the exchange of ideas on the most consequential issues of the day.

Since then, The Atlantic has stayed true to this mission by continually adapting for a changing world. As a result, The Atlantic has lived on—and thrived—expanding from a Boston-based print outlet to a global, multi-platform powerhouse.

Today, The Atlantic exists across a multitude of platforms—digital, print, video, audio, and events—and continues to experiment so that it can grow and thrive over the long term. Throughout its transformation, The Atlantic has stayed true to its mission and the values present at its creation.

As Atlantic 57, we honor this 160 year-old legacy and look to the future.

We use the answers from The Atlantic’s own transformation and from our client work, day in and day out, to empower organizations to advance their greatest ambitions, succeed in a multi-platform era, and stay true to their purpose, mission and brand.