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A proprietary approach designed to help brands be accountable to their values.

Welcome to Brand Prism

Brand Prism is the result of months of research with U.S. consumers, readers of The Atlantic, brand leaders, journalists, and DEI experts to explore how brands can better align their intentions with their actions. Our proprietary research and approach is designed to benchmark, strengthen, and evolve the brand experience across the proven pillars of a values-driven brand.
Five Fundamental Truths

We know that for brands to endure—not only in this tumultuous year but in years to come—they must embrace several fundamental truths when it comes to how they articulate their values, apply these across their brand experience, and hold themselves accountable. They are:

1. Accountability is a practice, not a press pitch. What you say is meaningless without a transparent commitment to measurable action that can be reported on over time.

2. It’s not thought leadership, it’s product leadership. Values should be fully integrated into products and services, not siloed into campaigns or community initiatives.

3. Values alone have very little value. If you can’t articulate your brand’s values in ways that are distinct, specific, and actionable, your brand will be less effective in applying them.

4. Your brand’s top influencers are your own employees. Employees are the most trusted source of information on a brand’s values, and brands must harness this when engaging consumers.

5. With purpose comes profit. Every brand has room for improvement, and consumers and employees are doubling down on rewarding those that do the hard work.

Our Approach

We use Brand Prism to help brands strengthen how their values are expressed across the brand experience and enable sustainable evolution.

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