The Four Visitors to Your Site

(And How to Hook Them)

As content creators, we spend a lot of time and energy writing for the widest possible audience. We aim to maximize reach, and often, we measure our success based on our ability to achieve that reach: 73% of newsrooms focus their attention on pageviews alone rather than how readers are actually engaging with content.

While pageviews offer immediate insight into general web traffic, this metric alone offers little understanding of what kinds of audiences are visiting your site, and what they actually value and engage with once they get there.

Leading publishers like The Atlantic are moving to a new data-driven approach, expanding their focus from pageviews and unique visitors to include metrics that speak to loyalty and engagement.

The end goal? Building habit, which research increasingly shows is a big predictor of digital conversions of any kind.

In this report, we share four audience segments that can apply to all kinds of content operations. We offer strategies for how your organization can better motivate your own audiences to take a meaningful action—whether that’s becoming a member, buying a product, or supporting a cause.

In this report, we share:

  • A profile of each audience segment—including who they are, how they found you, and why they matter
  • How to surface related content to increase time spent on your site
  • How to deepen your relationship with readers through habit-forming products
  • How simple changes to web page layouts can lead to higher conversions
The Four Visitors to Your Site
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