Our Story

At Atlantic 57, we are committed to transformation in service of big ideas.


We serve organizations with the power to serve the world.

We partner with nonprofits, foundations, Fortune 500s, and public institutions to shape the future of education, health, media, and more.


We are architects of modern audience engagement.

We pilot, build, and go big with the ideas and issues our clients can own. Our work is grounded in a deep understanding of audience needs, behaviors, and passions.


We change the way change happens.

We work with organizations at moments of growth and transformation. We help them adapt to a changing world—without losing sight of their purpose.


We work in service of our clients’ greatest ambitions.

We bring together the right set of individuals to help organizations achieve goals central to their mission. Experts in research, strategy, storytelling, design, and user experience tackle the questions core to our clients’ success.


We were founded on the force of intellect and the spirit of generosity.

Intellect and generosity are in our DNA. We love nothing more than attacking a tough challenge by collaborating closely with clients and one another.

Our Heritage

In 1857, the founders of The Atlantic set out to create a magazine committed to the exchange of ideas on the most consequential issues of the day.

Since then, The Atlantic has stayed true to this mission by continually adapting for a changing world. As a result, The Atlantic has lived on—and thrived—expanding from a Boston-based print outlet to a global, multi-platform powerhouse.

Today, The Atlantic exists across a multitude of platforms—digital, print, video, audio, and events—and continues to experiment so that it can grow and thrive over the long term. Throughout its transformation, The Atlantic has stayed true to its mission and the values present at its creation.

As Atlantic 57, we honor this 160 year-old legacy and look to the future.

We use the answers from The Atlantic’s own transformation and from our client work, day in and day out, to empower organizations to advance their greatest ambitions, succeed in a multi-platform era, and stay true to their purpose, mission and brand.