Establishing a Cohesive Voice for a Leader in the Field

The American Medical Association aims to be the foremost resource for physicians working and training in healthcare to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the field. In the past, much of the association’s knowledge was buried in white papers, long printed studies, and unsearchable or unindexed platforms that were difficult for the AMA’s diverse membership to access, use, and share. Additionally, the AMA lacked a unified brand and messaging strategy across its digital platforms, limiting its ability to offer a cohesive experience to its audiences.

Atlantic 57 partnered with the AMA to help position it as a go-to digital resource for knowledge, insight, and news for those involved in organized medicine. Together, we conducted an editorial and strategic overhaul of the AMA’s news blog, AMA Wire; created a Content Playbook designed to guide high-quality, journalistic content creation across the entire organization; and developed a new digital design and user experience that addressed the distinct needs of the AMA’s diverse audiences. Thanks to this work, the AMA now injects insights into the national healthcare conversation across a suite of award-winning digital platforms.

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