Growing a Campaign to Celebrate and Empower Immigrants

Carnegie Corporation of New York is one of America’s oldest and most influential grant-making foundations. Over the past decade, the Carnegie Corporation has honored the legacy of its founder, Andrew Carnegie, by recognizing distinguished American immigrants through its Great Immigrants campaign. In 2016, Carnegie saw the opportunity to go bigger with its campaign, moving beyond awareness to  inspire action. Carnegie also aspired to bring a wider audience into the conversation on immigration. Previous Carnegie campaigns saw limited distribution and relatively short engagement windows. This time, the Corporation wanted to reach people across channels and platforms, and engage them actively over the course of several months.

Atlantic 57 helped Carnegie sharpen the message of its campaign and evolve it from a knowledge-sharing effort to one that compelled action. Specifically, the campaign sought to inspire and prepare immigrants to take the final step in their journeys—the step of becoming naturalized American citizens. At the same time, we widened the conversation by illuminating common immigrant narratives that touch everyone—from immigrant families and friends, to policymakers and concerned citizens. We also crafted a range of social content that leverages Carnegie’s existing network of Great Immigrants to act as brand ambassadors and tell their own stories.