Launching a Movement Against Inequality

The Ford Foundation is one of the nation’s largest and most established foundations, dedicated to advancing human welfare around the world. As part of a strategic redirection, the Foundation wanted to move from funder to catalyst in the fight against inequality. To do so, it needed to crystalize the audiences it should be speaking to and the messages it should share to move them to action. It needed a guidepost to steer its transformation.

Atlantic 57 conducted extensive original research to help Ford better define its audiences and understand their needs and motivations. Our researchers and strategists developed actionable guides and key messages for different audiences, tailored to how these segments viewed themselves in the context of inequality. As a result, we supported Ford’s efforts to spark a global movement of individuals—across industries, interests, and generations—working toward a more equal world. This movement has deepened Ford’s impact and helped redefine what a foundation can be.

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